Kechene Care Point

Kechene Care Point is a school located in the "heart" of Addis Ababa. It is the bright spot in an otherwise very dismal neighborhood of hard working, yet 3rd World survivors. The people of the area work hard to bring water to their homes, create income via crafts and handiwork, and care for their families the best they can.

Kechene Care Point was originally founded by the present director, Nicodemis and his wife. They completely funded the school; feeding and educating the children who would come to them without parental guidance.  Kechene then had sponsorship for a short time. Some capital projects were accompished, but the sponsorship did not work out so they started receiving funds from the help of a group called, "Cherokee." They assisted in providing funds for food and salaries for the teachers and director. This was  short lived. Since 2008, they have been rationing and attempting to fund themselves, but finding it increasingly difficult with the needs and the lack of resources. They came close to sponsorship a year ago, but it also fell through. 

The staff at Kechene were elated to learn that we are committed to getting the children sponsored with those able to assist them and build relationships with them via letters and photos.  The teachers showed their appreciation by giving us a little concert when we visited in November 2010. The children were excited to sing, excited to have their pictures taken, and excited to learn!!! I could see why immediately since their teachers were vibrant and on fire for them and for God!

The teacher on fire for "his" kids!

 The director of Kechene and I.

Kechene was a special place. I was not so sure when approaching the neighborhood, but when we got in the gates and were welcomed by the sweet voices of their little ones, watched the teachers interact with the children, and learned the needs and love that awaited us, I knew we had to help. 

Join us in sponsoring and being the hands and feet of Christ as we bring them the food, education, and hope they have been praying for!!!