My Story

Last November, I traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to meet our sponsor child with a group called, Children’s Hopechest. While there, I learned about the needs and struggles that the orphans of Ethiopia face day to day. Children’s Hopechest  adopts schools called, “care points” and brings sponsorship to these schools, or safe havens, for orphans and very vulnerable children. Without the support of the CHC these children would be without education, food, spiritual leadership and discipleship, uniforms, textbooks, and families from this country to show their support through letters and monthly donations of $34.

The care point I visited in most need was called, “Kechene.” There were 56 children that were going to be turned away very soon since money had run out. There was no food left, uniforms were torn, and teachers were working for nothing. Since Nov., 2010, there are 130 children who have been sponsored and matched with families. Therefore, there is now food, school and medical supplies, and soon uniforms, and shoes. Bible teachings, and the joy in being loved by a family from afar is the change they have also experienced and it has made the difference between life and death!