What is sponsoring a child?

Being a sponsor is a long term relationship with a child who is in need of the basic necessities. In this case with Hopechest and this Care Point, it is having a supportive relationship that will care for a child in their environment, Kechene School.

It is a long term commitment of $34/month via www.hopechest.org website. By sponsoring, you are promising to donate the $34/mo. for as long as you can (at least a year), to pray for the child and correspond via the website so that your relationship builds and eventually the school/children will become self sustaining. The other real benefit to this long term relationship is the change in the child when they know they are loved, prayed for and written to regularly by you, the family. I've seen the benefits of this first hand with our sponsor daughter, Bizuayehu. She was a sad little girl who had lost both her parents and is now, since sponsorship, a sweet and joyful little girl. She has hope and a future.
Biz before sponsorship Nov. 2009

Biz after sponsorship Nov. 2010

The initial task is to take care of basic necessities like food, water, the teachers and supplies for learning. Eventually, the coordinators, Matt and I, will begin fund drives that will work towards a goal for the school; new uniforms, school supplies, books and Bibles, business endeavors, etc.
These goals will come with time, but are their future and their hopes.

How it works:
1. Let me know you are interested by contacting me via my email gretabcg@hotmail.com and informing me of your interest (boy or girl)
2. I will assign you a child and give you their profile; picture, name, age, situation and health, and directions for how to give monthly/sponsor.
3. You will then sign up on www.hopechest.org on their GIVE page and follow the easy directions. It is strongly advised to set up an automatic withdrawal from your account so as to not forget the payments.
4. Matt and I will keep you updated when new pictures or information become available.
5. Write to your sponsor child through mail or email. I have been able to send pictures electronically as well as letters.
6. Every Nov., a team from the U.S. travels with Hopechest to the care points represented, including Kechene. If interested in this trip, contact me and I can get you more information. Next Nov. is a great time to send a care package to your sponsor!

Adoption isn't for everyone and it isn't the answer for EVERY orphan in Ethiopia. Sponsorship is a wonderful alternative and something we can all do from home. There are 5-6 million orphans in Ethiopia alone. Because Ethiopia is a 3rd world nation, this is not something that will go away anytime soon. The children are dying daily of starvation, disease, and loneliness. We have the resources and means to providing some hope to them. Please join us and help sponsor a little one. Be a mom or dad to "the least of these." We are their hope!!

Please email me if you'd like to sponsor or want more info: gretabcg@hotmail.com