Sunday, November 18, 2012

Karen's Team visits Kechene...and other updates...

 Karen's team is just returning now from a full week in Ethiopia. Karen's team was loaded down with donations and full hearts to share with over 500 children in the capital of Ethiopia and the countryside.

They had a full load of care packages they handed out .

They brought donated blankets to the children of the dump area in Addis Ababa and another care point, called Korah.

They provided a special injera meal for everyone at 2 care points.

They also brought our toothbrushes and other small supplies to Kechene.  

Karen's team visited Kechene for a short time one afternoon and was able to play with and entertain the children. 

They stopped by a fruit stand and bakery to buy some bananas and rolls for all 160 children at Kechene. They LOVED them and           enjoyed their visit very much!

More to come upon Karen's return. 

Thanks Karen and the team for your love and dedication to these children!! 

Karen and her girls with one of their sponsor daughters at Kind Hearts Care Point.

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