Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Library is Funded!

Soon, the children at Kechene will hear that they will be getting a corner of their school turned into a library!

This was a vision I had one day when thinking through the school's needs. I really felt God prompting this team to get those kids some books! When I brought it up to Children's Hopechest, the CH team in Ethiopia responded quickly. They were thrilled! However, there was no place to put the books. They had no shelving. They had no tables and they had no chairs, with the exception of their benches that they cram several children, shoulder to shoulder, on.

So, within a few months, we had a HUGE art sale. People from all over our area brought in their crafts, photography, paintings, jewelry, and so much more. People came to shop and we raised over $1000! The money started to grow.

Then, we received over 120 colorful and unique pieces of art from the children at Kechene. Sponsors generously donated money when they received their child's work. The money grew some more. Little by little, donation after donation via the website and our partners around the country, the money grew.

Now, we will be able to send $3700 to CH in Ethiopia at the end of Dec. Therefore, in the month of Jan., the staff at Kechene will be busy shopping for much needed reference books, some much needed new textbooks, building shelving, tables, chairs, and maybe even purchasing some books for fun!

This was a wonderful thing to get accomplished since there are no places in the Kechene neighborhood quite like this care point. Now, the children will have a place within their little school to read, explore, study, and learn! Thank you everyone for your part in this project! You make a difference one step or project at a time!

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