Monday, January 28, 2013

Abandoned children find rest

Imagine this headline in your local paper...

"Abandoned children find rest with a school"

Here is the article that actually happened at a care point in Ethiopia (a school that feeds twice a day and cares for the vulnerable). Can you imagine?

The Infant Boy Abandoned by his Father
 Abel Tesema (ET2110181) is the second child in the family. He has one sister. Her name is Eyerus Tesema (ET2110180). They both joined Kind Hearts School during this quarter.
 Their mother Asenaku brought them to the CarePoint and asked to enroll both of them into kindergarten. As Asenaku told their story, it was hard to believe that they have managed to survive this far.
 Asenaku was married to a man named Mulugeta and they lived together in a rented room in a private compound. Until Abel’s birth her husband supported the family by working as a daily laborer while she took care of Eyerus. When Eyerus was still young, Asenaku gave birth to Abel.
 Shortly, after the birth of Abel, Asenaku’s husband did not return home after work as he usually did. She was surprised by her husband’s abandonment only 15 days after their infant son was born. Mulugeta never came back again.
 When she recalled those days, her eyes filled with tears. It was so difficult for her being left by her husband since she was at home with an infant son and a little girl. She asked neighborhood friends for help until Abel was grown enough for her to carry him on her back. Those days were miserable for Asenaku and her little ones. It was so hard for her to feed them and support herself.
 After a while, she began working as a daily laborer in order to get a meager income for daily bread and house rent. She carried Abel on her back and left Eyerus to the care of neighborhood friends until came back from work. She was worked as cleaner and washed clothes at someone’s house.
 When Eyerus and Abel became old enough for school, she was unable to provide school materials and pay the school fee. It was beyond her capacity to bear.
 One day she heard about Kind Hearts School where her children can attend school for free. It was just like heaven for Asenaku to have this opportunity for her children. She went to the local government to get the document proving her situation that she is unable to send the children to other schools and enrolled Eyerus and Abel at Kind Hearts.
 Abel is a sweet boy and easily makes friends. He enjoys playing with older children. Now he is a model for the other younger children at Kind Hearts School.
 Dear sponsoring families, even though Abel and his sister were abandoned by their father, you have become part of their lives and are changing their future. One day Abel will tell others what the Lord did for him.

This is very typical and the miracle of that school being there for the family is also happening every time someone sponsors a little one. You can too at Kechene. Make a difference in an entire family's life!

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