Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thank you Sponsors and Friends for 2012!

Thank you everyone for your support in 2012 for reaching goals beyond what we thought was possible! With your help in 2012, we were able to get more children sponsored, a library funded at the Kechene Care Point and money raised for the "Change Their Story" Campaign. I will let the Kechene Staff summarize the year for us in the following excerpts from the most recent quarterly newsletter...

From the children at Kechene:
 Every sponsored child is grateful for the support to receive meals, education and school supplies. They want to “thank all sponsor families, community leaders and Children’s HopeChest.”  They are also thankful for the special gifts received from sponsoring families; like school uniforms and school supplies.
 In general, they are grateful for all the support that they receive. All express their feelings of gratitude to the sponsoring families, community leaders and Children’s HopeChest.

Dramatic change of a little girl’s life

Elsa Kezo (ET2101127) was born in 2006. When she reached school age, her family could not enroll her in school. They were unable to provide for her the required school uniform and school supplies. They soon heard from a neighbor about the good news of Kechene (IEICA) School. Her family immediately set out to gain information on how to enroll Elsa to send her to this CarePoint at KG level. Elsa’s mother went to the local government office and obtained the clearance document. With the document her mother gladly brought Elsa to the school and enrolled her.
 She is now an upper KG student and model for the other students in her class. She is an outstanding student. Elsa’s favorite subject is math. And her ambition is to be a doctor.

 Dear sponsoring families, connect community leaders and Children’s HopeChest, this great gift has happened through your significant contribution. She is thankful for what you have been doing for her.  

It is stories like these and many others that I read about in some of Tom Davis's books (founder and leader at Children's Hopechest) that I realize the impact and how deep it goes once a child has the support of a family from afar. "Priceless" and "Scared" are two novels written by Tom that I highly recommend that give an account of these children's lives through their stories.  

Thank you so much, on behalf of all the staff, children and families in the Kechene neighborhood in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. God is working through you to make a difference! It is not a choice but a command for us to care for the vulnerable and the orphaned. You are doing just that.

We do have 28 more children to sponsor due to more children coming to the drop off center/school. Please pass this along for friends and family to consider and visit the website 

Sponsor a child at Kechene

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